NIS America announces Cave Story 3D for 3DS

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NIS America has announced that they will be publishing a remake of the DSi and Wiiware game Cave Story. First created for the PC back in 2004 it reached high levels of popularity in the Japanese market and it appears that NIS America is going to team up with developers Nicalis, who made the original Cave Story, to bring us Cave Story 3D for the 3DS.

Not too much is known at this moment about Cave Story 3D other than the fact that it will be a complete remake of the original series and have 3D graphics presented on a normal 2D plane and will contain everything that fans of the original game loved. There currently is no release date given nor a price tag on the game, but then again it was literally just announced. But one thing interesting is the fact that they do have a teaser trailer that you can catch below.

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