NIS America announces acquisition of Occult Academy anime; releases trailer

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NIS America has been very aggressive ever since the start of 2012 when it comes to licensing anime. This includes picking up multiple series that just began airing in Japan as well as acquiring a few older anime as well. Today NIS America has revealed that they have picked up the rights to the 2010 anime called Occult Academy.

While the anime name may fit in quite well with their upcoming release of Disgaea 3 on the PS Vita it is currently set to be released a little bit after that game on May 8th. They will be releasing the series on two Blu-ray discs which is a separation from the previous releases from NIS America would they would release a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack.

Occult Academy will be given the standard loving treatment from NIS America by releasing the anime as a Premium Edition that will include a 36 page artbook that contains multiple bonus features such as draft designs, an occult encyclopedia and more as well as four bonus short episodes. Those eager to see what the contents will look like can see all the bonuses below.

For those who don’t know the anime series follows a boy sent back in time from hellish future where the world has been devastated by aliens. This boy, Fumiaki Uchida, has been sent back to the year 1999 in an attempt to destroy the “Nostradamus Key” to stop the apocalypse from ever happening. There he meets Maya Kumashiro, the daughter of the former principle of the Occult Academy who hates everything that the school represents. However upon meeting Uchida, the two must work together to prevent the destruction of the world.

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