Mugen Souls Interview & Gameplay with NIS America at E3 2012

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While I was trying my hand at NIS America’s upcoming, and very unique looking, JRPG Mugen Souls to write up our preview which can be seen here, the bald wonder and JRPG newbie Philip Federico was trying his hand at interviewing a number of NIS America’s team. We were able to meet with Ryan Phillips who handles most of their PR as well as Nick Doerr, editor for Mugen Souls and Alan Costa who is handling the translation for the game. Below you can see the interview as well as a bit of gameplay footage including some of the gameplay features mentioned in the preview, including the crazy combo attacks, cute point system as Chou-Chou tries to sway her enemies and plenty of off-the-wall dialogue, especially right there at the end of the video.

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